Seaman Schepps reveals offbeat new jewellery and homeware

Seaman Schepps celebrates 120 years of eclectic design codes and rare stones in a beautiful new jewellery collection

Seaman Schepps gold link chain and earrings
(Image credit: Seaman Schepps)

Classic American jewellery design is epitomised in Seaman Schepps, which is marking its 120th anniversary this year with a celebration of rare materials and offbeat design.

‘The essence of our jewellery has always been, and continues to be, the beautiful rare stones and materials Seaman Schepps used with fearless and unabashed creativity in a style that was ahead of its time,’ says the company’s owner Anthony Hopenhajm of the brand’s heritage. ‘Schepps’ daring and innovative mix of precious stones with exotic woods and natural shells established his preeminence in wearable jewellery. Over 6,000 original drawings in our company archive spanning 120 years of production provide inspiration and guidelines for the pieces created in our New York City workshop today.’

Offbeat jewellery and homeware from Seaman Schepps

plants in pots and small bowls

(Image credit: Seaman Schepps)

Today’s new jewellery nods to, and subverts, this history, with crest rings, pearl jewellery and heavy chains all gorgeously rethought. This year, the brand has also introduced Schepps Home and Schepps Men, with bowls, clocks and flowerpots offering a tantalising teaser of what we can expect more of in the future.

green necklace and rings

(Image credit: Seaman Schepps)

Ultimately, the new collections make a classic foil for the jewellery itself. ‘Our jewellery is revered for its unexpected combinations of wood and/or shells with precious stones worked with gold and transformed into iconic and unique pieces of jewellery – this was and is the hallmark of Seaman Schepps design,’ adds Hopenhajm. 

‘The challenge in transforming ideas into wearable jewels involves not only sourcing rare and unusual materials, but is also the result of careful and precise engineering. Skilled craftsmen carve and set the stones in mountings where, for example, on a pair of earrings, the clasps work flawlessly and the earrings sit proudly on the ear, giving pleasure to both the wearer and to admirers near and far.’

silvery jewellery pieces

(Image credit: Seaman Schepps)

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